Friday, September 24, 2021

for the last several days i've been having accident after accident on my body. and while most healed after a day, my phone falling on my foot(where it meets my toes), and burning both hands yesterday, have completely interfered with my daily life.
these little digits protruding from my feet meat and my palms have proven quite necessary to my existence, and i will baby them from now on. once they've healed.
for now i am forced to "take it easy", the three words i hate the most in my life(we won't harken back to the year of surgeries, needless to say i do not like being forced to "take it easy", this pony's gotta roam)
this house is going up for sale in a matter of weeks, how the heck do i rest? there'll be a big embroidery sale soon, since all i can do is sit and (clumsily)stitch(it hurts my hands but whatever).