Sunday, September 26, 2021

 Coco is quite possibly the cutest movie I’ve ever seen. 🥲

I literally cried my eyes out through THE WHOLE MOVIE. New favorite movie. Absolutely LOVED it. 

Coco reminded me of my Grandma Perry. It's been a couple years since she passed and I miss her. One of our last conversations she said she never had to worry about me(i was telling her my art news during a visit), and when i've thought of giving up on art i think about her quiet encouragement. Her husband, my Grandpa Perry, passed years before her, and right before he died I was called to his bedside and he had a present for me, a wooden box of art supplies, and he told me to never give up on my art. So I keep going because of them. I miss them so much, and man this movie hit me. Still weepy!

So many recipes I have from them were just me sitting at the kitchen table with a pen and paper writing down everything they said while they cooked. I'm so glad I learned how to cook the family favorites beside them in the kitchen(I helped while I wrote). Cooking is intuitive and visual, so seeing how they did things through their eyes helped me recreate them all the years after. They knew this and this is how they taught me.

I just made their apple cake for my niece who slept over this weekend and she loved it. Passing on recipes is just as valuable as passing on photos! 

I'm so emo tonight.