Thursday, September 2, 2021

 Most recent photo of me. I don’t have time for much these days outside of packing and getting ready to move, helping family, and stitching. I’ve gotten terrible at answering messages or posting in social media. I simply don’t have the time right now, it sucks, but it’s temporary. 

So yeah I’m pretty stressed and tired, and a whole lotta lonely, but I’ll be starting a new life in my own little place in no time. Very happy to see all my stuff that’s been in storage, and looking forward to buying new stuff like a new couch, new dishes etc, all that fun stuff. 

I’m moving to a town that’s on the list of top places to leaf peep in America, and they have an annual pumpkin festival. 

I’ll miss some things about ct. I’m not gonna be like Later, Bitches! And zoom outta there. Or exasperated like omggggg I gotta start a new life elsewhere ct sucksssss!!! It has its nice bits. I just can’t afford it. My need to move states is financial. And I don’t have anything anchoring me here, I’m actually moving to be near family now. And still only a few hours from here. 

That’s why I decided against moving to the south, despite my deep love for it. After the last few years I don’t want to be far from family, I need them a drive away. I will not rely on planes. It’s expensive and unreliable in our social climate. If something ever happened I could hop in my car be there in mere hours. 

I also just really flipping love New England. 

It may not be my final destination, if money didn’t matter I’d want to live in Falmouth, mass. That town absolutely charmed me. Here’s a picture I took of their downtown last week. Okay it uploaded to the top, I don’t know how to fix it on my phone sorry.