Tuesday, September 28, 2021

went to a new dentist today, i haven't been to a dentist in a few years, so i was worried i'd need to have work done. but no, no cavities! i was like, "...are you sure???" and he kept insisting the xrays and exam he didn't see anything! i'm so relieved!

but here's the big news: i'm getting invisible braces :) i'm finally gonna have straight teeth! i'm treating myself, my parents couldn't afford braces when i was a kid, and i didn't need them for medical reasons, so i just figured i'd learn to tolerate my teeth. but apparently my bite presses into the nerves on the sides of my jaws, and that's why i get to many headaches! so i'm doing it. they just put in the order. 

i've always been ashamed of my smile, so finding such a great dentist, not having any problems, and now getting straight teeth?! someone up there loves me big time. this is such a blessing.  

my only tips, i floss every time i eat something, even a snack, i floss and rinse after. i use a remineralizing toothpaste. take collagen and other multivitamins. and i eat a lot of meat. my diet is mostly meat, dairy, and vegetables, and fruit for an occasional snack.

maybe those tips can help you too, if you have teeth that always seem to have problems. the biggest thing was the toothpaste switch. the idea being if you can regrow bones, why can't you regrow dentin? my last dental visit five years ago(please don't judge, i lost my insurance and couldn't find a new dentist til i had new insurance) they quoted me with thousands of dollars of dental work. that's why i was so shocked today when he couldn't find anything! i legit think the combo of all those things with the remineralizing toothpaste has helped immensely. 

waves of relief.